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"Not just another pretty picture."
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Bob Lourwood

I am a photographic artist (PhotoArtist).  I create photographic artwork (PhotoArt) in several genres; pretty PhotoArt, thought-provoking PhotoArt, and religious PhotoArt.

Beauty exists fleetingly in the world all around us.  I capture this beauty in pretty PhotoArt.  A gorgeous flower lasts for a short time, but a PhotoArt of the flower is gorgeous for a lifetime.  A newborn colt only takes its first steps once, but a PhotoArt of the colt captures the event for eternity. 

I transform ordinary objects into thought-provoking PhotoArt.  Sometimes, I include poetry with the PhotoArt to add greater meaning and depth of feeling.  A PhotoArt of an old house can be a metaphor for elderly people.  A PhotoArt of a broken vase can help explain the frailty of life. 

My passion is creating religious PhotoArt!  Religious PhotoArt glorifies God, encourages Christians, and witnesses to those who do not know Jesus.  I use religious PhotoArt to graphically depict Scripture, so it is more poignant and easier to understand. 

I have lived in the St. Louis, Missouri area most of my life.  I am very happily married to my wife, Pam.  We live in Chesterfield, Missouri, with our retired racing Greyhound, Share.  Our daughter, Angela, and her husband Tony, live close by, in St. Charles, Missouri.

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