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"Not just another pretty picture."
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Copyright (C) 2005 PB&J PhotoArt, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Standard Size-8X10
This looks like a very nice pitcher.  The white enamel and gold embellishments add a touch of class.  Now, take a look at the other side...

This pitcher represents people.  To others, we appear to be perfectly normal, whole people.  Some of us even put on an air of class.  At some point in our lives, we have become broken, but we try to maintain our unbroken appearance.  We carefully collect and hide the broken pieces of our lives, allowing others to only observe our unbroken facade.  

(These PhotoArts are sold as two individual pieces.  Ideally, they should be displayed in a double frame, with one PhotoArt facing each direction.)
 Unframed - $40.00
 Framed - $200.00
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