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 Can I get Bob's interpretation of my PhotoArt?
A.  Absolutely!  The interpretation (if there is one) will be included, free of charge.

 Can Bob's interpretation be printed with my PhotoArt?
A.  Yes.  The interpretation (if there is one) can be printed beneath the PhotoArt.  This increases the size of the PhotoArt, and consequently the cost.  An 8x10 PhotoArt becomes an 11x14, an 11x14 becomes a 16x20, and a 16x20 becomes a 20x24.  We think printing Bob's interpretation with the PhotoArt makes an exceptional display, and is worth the extra cost.  Please see the Current Price List for pricing, and call Bob if you have any questions.

 Can PhotoArt be customized?
A.  Yes.  You can have a personalized inscription added to your PhotoArt.  Some background colors can be changed.  The PhotoArt title can be added beneath the PhotoArt.  Other options are available also, and quoted on an individual basis.  Please call Bob if you would like to have your PhotoArt customized.

 How long will it take to receive my PhotoArt?
A.  PB&J PhotoArt wants to provide you with the highest quality PhotoArt, so we do not keep pre-made inventory.  Your PhotoArt is created, especially for you, when PB&J receives your order.  Our goal is to get your PhotoArt to you as fast as possible.  You should expect to receive your order within 2 weeks.  

 I'm in a hurry!  What can I do?
Contact Bob.  PB&J PhotoArt, Inc will do everything possible to exceed  your expectations.

 Does PB&J stand for Peanut Butter and...
A.  No.  It stands for Pam, Bob and Jesus.

 Did you take all of these photographs?
A. Yes, I take all of the photographs.  I use a Canon EOS 20D digital SLR camera.  I edit the photographs using Photoshop.  The images are then printed on photographic paper; no ink is used to create PhotoArt.

******* For additional information, to schedule gallery displays or
speaking engagements, please contact Bob.

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