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PB&J PhotoArt greeting cards are an excellent way for you to send unique, personalized greetings to your loved ones.  Since these greeting cards fit into a 5" X 7" frame, your loved ones can keep your greetings as cherished keepsakes.

PB&J PhotoArt greeting cards are printed on premium card stock, using archive-quality inks. Standard greeting cards are blank on the inside, allowing you to add your own personal message.  For an additional fee, PB&J PhotoArt will print your personal message for you.

PB&J PhotoArt greeting cards are available in packages of 10 cards, with 10 envelopes. You can purchase greeting cards of the same PhotoArt image, or you can mix and match PhotoArt images at your pleasure.

You can purchase PB&J PhotoArt greeting cards with the following PhotoArt images.  To see the PhotoArt images, please click here to peruse the PhotoArt Gallery.
Americana Religious
Autumn Sails Effingham Cross
Farmer Exodus 3
Pacific Exodus 3 w/Text
Fauna Jesus
Bird My Body
Breakfast The Door
Chomp The Table
First Steps
Koala Baby Major World Religions
Lipizzaner God
Monarch Grunik's Question
Puffin Deep Thoughts
Tiger The Cost
Water Lily
Winter Trees

Please specify the PhotoArt image name from the list above that you want printed on your cards in the comment field during checkout.  If selecting cards with a personal message, please type the message that you want included into the same comment field during checkout.  If you have any questions, please call Bob @ (314) 799 - 1281.  Thank you.
 10 Cards - $30.00
 10 Cards with Personal Message - $40.00
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